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Welcome to Resume Services!
For Churches Seeking a Minister...

Churches are asked to complete the search committee profile online. We will then attempt to link congregations with potential church staff candidates by matching a church’s qualifications for education, experience, and other criteria with candidates that meet those qualifications. To get the most accurate match, please thoroughly answer each question. Upon completion, our staff will process your information and provide data to the email address of the search committee within ten working days.

For Ministers Seeking a Church...

Thank you for choosing to submit your resume with the Baptist Convention of Iowa.

You may fill in your resume information and then choose to "activate" or "deactivate" your resume at the time of submission or any other time thereafter.

By activating your resume, you are giving the BCI Staff permission to share it with churches. Once your information has been submitted, it is confidential and can be accessed only by the BCI Staff and yourself, by using your password. It is not necessary to fill out this application in one sitting. You may start the process and then add information until it is complete.

Please do not activate your resume until you have completed all sections.

Only activated resumes will be disbursed to inquiring congregations.

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Pastor Search Committee Resources

Please use this link to apply for the  State Church Planting Team Leader Position. 

This service is made possible by generous gifts from churches and individuals to the Cooperative Program.